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Banoffee Crepe

The Banoffee Crepe has to be one of my favorite desserts that i have ever tried. Banoffee is an English dessert which is made of Bananas, cream and toffee layered with biscuits or crumbled biscuits, some banoffees can also include chocolate or even coffee. The picture above shows the banoffee which is made from bananas and cream, starting from the bottom layer is the dark chocolate crumbles, then comes the bananas and the heavy cream, topped with more dark chocolate crumbles. This entire thing is put together in a soft looking crepe, garnished with tiny chocolate balls and almonds, also caramelized and served with cold vanilla ice cream. The combination of bananas and cream gives you a sugary flavor as well as a rich flavor because of the heavy cream. The texture of the crepe is buttery, it has a smooth and creamy texture when eaten together with the cream. The crepe is soft and smooth along with that it also has that crunchy flavor because of the dark chocolate biscuits at the bottom layer as well as at the top. The crunchiness also comes with the small chocolate balls and almonds that are garnished on the crepe. Eating only the crepe might be a lot for your sugary buds but when eaten with cold vanilla ice cream its just the best combination ever, fluffy and gooey crepe with cold ice cream is just what you need to make your day! This amazing banoffee crepe can be found in 94 The Bloc Project, Ratchaphruek Road, Bang Ramat, Bangkok 10170 . The cafe is just as good and sweet looking like the crepe itself, the price of this crepe is 215 baht which is so worth the dish. I would give this dish a 5/5, a must try dish!